Saturday, December 26, 2009

hello! well, my attempt at a blog had yet to see daylight- i thought at the beginning that i'd be able to keep up with something like this and that i'd get some good feedback about projects and problems we encounter. but, now that is almost the new year~ you can see this blog sort of fell off.

but now i'm glad i at least started it! i am editing this (1/5) as my dad pointed out that i did not clarify about a tree actually falling onto the yurt. friday, december 18th at 10:30 pm- after receiving 18inches of snow in one day, we were shaken up- although not completely surprised as ben had called the tree that would fall if any did. it was scary. aspen had just fallen asleep and we were planning on taking her back up to the neighbors because we could hear trees snapping everywhere. sort of one of those intuitive moments where both ben and i knew it was going to happen.

our most recent visit back to the yurt (1/3) brought about another surprise- a 2nd tree fell on top of the first tree- crating more tension on the yurt. ben is out there with our friend building supports holding the dome up as well as supports on the inside of the yurt in hopes that when the two trees are cut the release of tension isn't too much for the cable.

if you are able to help us at all with a donation for removing the trees around the yurt there is a link to a paypal account on the right of the screen. THANK YOU!!!!! anything helps, we don't know the amount yet- but i'm guessing we will have to remove anywhere from 6 to 15 trees. we are going to get some estimates and do what we can when we can.

winter is a great time to hibernate, and spring will bless us with new growth. thank you all, we couldn't be blessed with better friends and family!