Friday, January 15, 2010

ah cleaning time, little worse than i thought. the 2nd tree did do some damage- more rafters are missing with some over the french doors. it pretty much landed on that door frame, we haven't tried to open those doors yet. 3 punchers all the way through from what i can see, probably 20-25 pieces of lattice need to be replaced. all shifting and twisted so i think the next step is to slowly try to brace that wall up- with vertical and angle supports. then see about jacking the dome up on the one side and hopefully get a few rafters into place.

this is the lone oak tree that will be coming down today. someone is coming to take down 15 trees- possibly 20. believe all the others are hemlock. firewood for awhile. any suggestions on trees that do well in this area- please pass the information along, looking to start replanting for each tree we've taken down (did 5 in the beginning)

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